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We encourage all who are researching the enslaved populations of former slaveholding institutions to register here, promoting collaboration. You do not have to be participating in the Beyond Kin Project method to register. Add your records! [If you’re rejected as SPAM or don’t see your item appear, email us.]

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Charles Drax Parish of St. Mary's, Jamaica, West Indies Martine Brennan See more
Charles B Driver Newport Parish, Isle of Wight, Virginia, USA Pauli Driver-Smith See more
Charles Alston Sr. Waccamaw Neck, Georgetown County, South Carolina LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson See more
Charles & Celeste Gardner New Orleans, Louisiana Martine Brennan See more
Chandler Accomack County, Virginia Jennifer Chandler Nesbitt See more
Cary Whitaker Pope Wayne County, Tennessee Bonnie Yates Schow See more
Capt. Edmund B Belcher Edgefield County, South Carolina Michele L (Prestis) Jackson See more
Caleb Williams Marengo County Al. Lovie Warren See more
CA Holoway Farm Atchison county, Missouri Janet Harder See more
Byrd Accomack County, Virginia Donna Smith Baker See more
Bluebonnet Tennessee Brinda Parks See more
Bird Nance Rutherford County, Tennessee Bonnie Yates Schow See more
Benjamin Procter Logan County, Ky jerry couger See more
Benjamin Newton Davies County, Kentucky Martine Brennan See more
Benjamin Hodnett Jasper County, Georgia Donna Cox Baker See more
Benjamin Harrison th 5 Charles City Va. Lovie Warren See more
Benjamin Ellis Procter Logan County. Ky Dist.1 jerry couger See more
Ashmore Liberty County, Georgia, USA Stacy Cole See more
Arthur Taylor Farm Atchison county, Missouri Janet Harder See more
Arthur Coody STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA NINETY SIX DISTRICT - home of Arthur Coody Vivian Nichol See more
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